Unique Positioning Statement
This project aims to solve the user's subscription management problem and provide a more unified, one-stop management method. The creation of this project is closely related to the growing number of subscription-based services.
WhatSub allows users to link with frequently used email accounts. Users no longer need to manually input what they have subscribed to, the date of deduction, and the period of deduction, and can directly know what subscriptions are currently subscribing to, which subscriptions have not been used for a long time, or which subscription prices have changed.


Subscriptions are getting a going-over by consumers at a time of high inflation. Millennials and Bridge Millennials have the most subscriptions, with an average of 4.7 and 4.6, respectively. Gen Z and Gen X consumers are in the middle, with each having an average of 3.6 subscriptions. Baby boomers and seniors have the fewest subscriptions, with an average of 2.0.

Personas & User Scenarios

01 Jarel Miles
02 Lisa Furtado
03 Sharon Kazanski

Proof of Concept

Jarel Miles
User Scenario & Task
Taps “Continue with Google”
Taps “Get Started”
Taps “Notifications”
Taps “Toggle” Button 
Taps “Payment Reminder”
Scrolls to “1 day before”
Receives reminder  the day before the due date.
On a Friday night in late September, Jarel and his girlfriend sat watching TV after dinner on the sofa. He opened the mobile banking app, looked at the expenses for this month, and found that he had overspent again this month.

He found that considerable expenses came from subscriptions and that subscriptions cost more than he thought. So he downloaded the latest app: WhatSub. He signed up and connected his email to automatically import all the subscriptions. After he clicked "Notifications," he clicked "Toggle button" to switch on, tapped “Payment Reminder” and scrolled to "1 day before." In this way, he will be notified the day before the subsequent deduction!
Lisa Furtado
User Scenario & Task
Opens “WhatSub”
Taps “In Trial”
Displays the list of subscriptions in trial
Taps App “Anima”
Taps “Cancel”
Taps “Confirm”
Successfully canceled the trial of "Anima."
It was the last day of November, 6:30 pm. Lisa just finished her class and was preparing to return to the studio in East Harlem.

As a student with student loans, she can't spend too much money on subscriptions so she needs to cancel the subscription before the trial expired or after she didn't need the service.

She opens WhatSub, clicks the "All Subscriptions ⇓" folder after logging in, selects "In Trial" to view her trial services, she selects "Anima" which is about to expire, taps "Cancel", and taps "Confirm" to stop the trial.
03 Sharon Kazanski
User Scenario & Task
Opens “WhatSub”
Taps “Sort icon”
Scrolls to “Frequency: Low to High”
Taps “Peacock Premium”
Taps “Unsubscribe”
Taps “Confirm”
Successfully unsubscribed from "Peacock Premium"
It’s a normal Friday night; Sharon just got off work and is planning to watch a movie with her husband and children after dinner. When she was looking for a movie, she realized that she had not used Peacock for a long time and had forgotten to cancel her subscription She was annoyed because she was automatically billed for eight months of an app not used during this period. 

She opens WhatSub, and after logging in, she taps on the "Sort icon", and scrolls to "Frequency: Low to High" to see what app has been out of use for a long time. So she taps "Peacock Premium" because she stopped using it after May, taps "Unsubscribe", and taps "Confirm" to stop the subscription.


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