Wells Fargo Mobile is an app allows you to view your current balance and transaction history, deposit checks up to a certain dollar value, initiate transfers to other bank accounts, schedule payments or pay your bills, and send person-to-person payments.
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Grayscale Wireframes & Features

Feature 01
Seamless international transfers
Feature 02
Create a piggy bank which will randomly deposit small change every day
Feature 03
Can see upcoming or unpaid payments on your calendar

UI Style Guide

High-Fidelity Prototype


1. Theme Colors

I tried to reduce the colors of this app to make it look more harmonious. Reduced different fonts and used simple icons to make the homepage look cleaner.
Current Design
2. Recurring Payments

I use calendar to display the bills & payments for the month and distinguish them by dots of different colors. The red dots mean unpaid, and the green ones represent paid. I try to make the billing page no longer a row-by-row form.
Current Design
3. New Feature 1

I added a new feature: Direct International Transfers. This is not in the original App, but it is now a trend in digital banking. I tried to simplify the transfer page design, using fewer colors to create a harmonious and minimalist design.
Current Design
4. New Feature 2

I added another new feature: a cash bank. It aims to strengthen the saving concept of young users, help them save money unknowingly in case of emergency, and avoid making ends meet.
Current Design
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