Childhood obesity is a severe problem in the United States, putting children and adolescents at risk for poor health. Obesity can affect all aspects of children, including their psychological and cardiovascular health. The most important cause of childhood obesity is the high-calorie, high-sugar diet. Therefore, healthy eating and exercise habits are key to low the obesity rate.

Demographic Research

Obesity Rate by Country
Percentage of total population with BMI > 30
Childhood Obesity Rate in the U.S.
Numbers about the Issue





Children in the United States are overweight
Annual cost of treating childhood obesity-related diseases
Consumption of soft drinks and juice drinks has more than doubled today than it was in the 1970s
Of calories consumed by children and adolescents in 2018 came from ultra-processed foods

Target Audience

Based on the audience above research, I targeted "blue-collar households between the ages of 26-41," aka millennials, but with a lower income level. This is according to the CDC report. Due to the lack of healthy eating concepts and nutritional education, their children are more likely to be obese than children from other families. The organization will improve this phenomenon through a series of activities and interactions.

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